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This workshop will use Minecraft Forge to build mods.

How to get started

1. In the minecraft-workshop folder on Desktop, open the "eclipse" folder and click on "eclipse" to start the editor.
2. Click on "Browse...", select "C:\Users\Demo\desktop\minecraft-workshop\forge\mcp\eclipse", and click on OK. The exact folder name may be different on your machine.
3. Click on OK again to start Eclipse. This shows the Minecraft project in Eclipse. If it does not then follow steps 3.1 and 3.2. If it does then skip to step 4.0.
     3.1 Select "File", "Import ...", expand "General", select "Existing Projects into Workspace", click on "Next>".
    3.2 Click on the first "Browse..." button. Ensure that the "C:\Users\Demo\desktop\minecraft-workshop\forge\mcp\eclipse" directory is selected, click on "Open", and then click on "Finish".
4.0 Choose the Minecraft project, click on the green arrow button on the top in Eclipse to run Minecraft.
5.0 Go ahead and start modding!

Gameplay and Modding Tutorials

Basic Modding:
Simple Mods:
Detailed Modding Tutorial:

What to mod ?

Difficulty Level 1

  1. Creepers' explosions are larger.
  2. Witches "moo" instead of "hiss" when hurt.
  3. Pigs breed with cake instead of carrots.
  4. Wolves' health is always 30 instead of 20 (tamed) or 8 (wild/untamed).
  5. Make the max level for enchantments higher or lower. For example, change knockback to 10 instead of 2.
  6. Villagers also take diamonds as a currency

Difficulty Level 2

  1. Zombies drop bones and rotten flesh when killed
  2. Make villagers drop some items, e.g. emerald, when killed
  3. Make command blocks visible in the creative inventory
  4. Create glowing mushrooms
  5. Change an existing crafting/smelting recipe

Difficulty Level 3

  1. Add a new crafting recipe
  2. Add a new smelting recipe
  3. Modify endermen to be more scary
  4. Have a pig be able to blow up
  1. Make a creeper block that explodes when touched (TODO)
  2. Make a block that makes lightning when powered
  3. Change villager's texture to TBD: Edit forge/mcp/temp/bin/minecraft/mob/villager/villager.png

Difficulty Level 4

  1. Make new kinds of creepers
  2. Add a new block
  3. Make new flowers and plants
  4. Make new foods and create recipes for them
The possibilities to mod are endless, just like the minecraft game. Let your imagination run wild and create different mods.

Enjoy modding!

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